On this site, you'll find details of our Audit work and Investment services.

The Practice
The practice was established in 1988 by the founder Stanley Chicksand BSc FCA ATII to provide all aspects of Audit, Bookkeeping and Taxation services. The business successfully grew and Stanley was joined by Alastair Taylor BSc ACA FPC in 2001.

Between them they also hold directorships in a number of companies, ranging from retail to leisure and entertainment companies. This broad-based experience is invaluable as it enables them to offer "the other side of the table" advice which not many practicing accountants can provide.

Only qualified or experienced staff are employed, in order to maximize the expertise offered, which combined with being highly computerized, saves clients time and money.

Chicksand Gordon Avis Ltd director's are Stanley Chicksand, BSc, FCA, ATII and Alastair Taylor BSc, FPC, ACA.